ino piazza

The architect believes in good “teamwork”, he uses the collaboration of a multi-disciplined team, made up of professionals with specific expertise, which guarantees the realization of exclusive one of a kind architecture.

From the reconstruct of high quality and creative residences, villa Aquilani in Viterbo, Italy, distinguishes itself. In this home, already well known, Mr. Piazza has succeeded in revolutionize the formal impact and render the villa comfortable and extremely scenic.

In the commercial environment, Ino Piazza has reached notable results thanks to the planning of spaces with innovative solutions, which represent and highlights the brand’s concepts through a focused personalization of the environment, installation and design objects.

The Northstar showroom, designed and realized in Milan, Italy in 2010 for GEOX, has received numerous publications and appreciation from critics in the architectural design sector.

Recently the Studio has opened its doors toward the international markets achieving quickly great results and important recognition. In 2010, the Studio was 4th place classified in the international competition announced by the Port Authorities of Palermo, Italy for the requalification of the work cranes at the port.In 2011 he won the international competition for the construction of the building of the AMG energy of Palermo.In 2012 the project for Tunisia to the Tower for a business center fully reflects the know-how of the group.

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